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Clearwater Home Remodel

Costanza & Salm Homes is an established and respected Clearwater home remodeling contractor with an excellent reputation for service, value and quality in design and construction. As a leading luxury home remodeling designer in Clearwater, we can assist you in creating the perfect layout and design that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Choose from one of our finely tuned portfolio Clearwater home makeover plans, all of which can be altered to suit your personal lifestyle and needs, or let us create a new design customized specifically to suit your dreams.

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Clearwater FL Home Remodeling Contractor

As a customer of Costanza & Salm Homes you will benefit from our superior reputation for integrity, responsibility and dedication. We specialize in providing custom home remodeling in Clearwater with a warm, comfortable environment that is functional yet elegant. Our customers recognize that a well-designed space built with quality by a stable, respected and reputable Clearwater home remodeling contractor will help protect their families’ investment.

Our Clearwater Home Remodel Services Include:

  • Home Additions
  • Home Makeover
  • Home Remodel
  • Home Remodeling Design
  • Home Flooring
  • Home Lighting
  • Home Remodeling

Award-Winning Home Makeover Design in Clearwater Florida

As a luxury home makeover company in Clearwater, we listen to your dreams, wants, and desires for glimmers of inspiration that will make your home remodel unique and truly yours. At Costanza & Salm Homes we have found that an emphasis on forethought, client education and careful planning prior to the start of construction are essential to developing a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Clearwater Home Remodel Design Contractor in Florida

You can save time and money while designing a room suited to your lifestyle with in-house drafting with our Clearwater home remodeling design contractors. Choose one of our award winning luxury room designs, make minor modifications, or start from scratch to suite your lifestyle.

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In-House Drafting:  Save time and money while designing a home suited to your lifestyle.  Choose one of our award winning designs, make minor modifications or start from scratch to suite your lifestyle.